Monday, April 18, 2011

The Answer to Everything.

According to Washington Post Editorial page editor, Fred Hiatt, On climate change, the GOP is lost in never-never land.


Both sides of this never-never land of global warming climate change debate are occupied with legions of propagandists. It was, however, one of the comments to Hiatt's blog that prompted this post.

From jameschirico we have this:

"400,000 year old Antarctic ices cores give a timeline going through a few ice ages and warming periods. The scientific evidence is clear. Nature has it's adjusting controls, more snowfall on Antarctica and jet stream change from pole to Canada. Those adjustments will take far too long leaving us with reduced krill population in the ocean and the possible true hypothesis of additional continental shifting from the weight redistribution caused by warming. Japan moved 13 feet with the last earthqua... ke."

It was the "continental shifting from the weight redistribution caused by warming" line that caught my interest. One of the problems I have with global warming climate change is that everything we do causes global warming climate change and global warming climate change is the cause of everything in the world.

The argument says that global warming climate change makes massive amounts of ice melt, which in turn, causes pressure on the tectonic plates, which in turn will cause more earthquakes and tsunamis. To this non-scientist, that sounds reasonable enough, but I don't know if the idea is backed up by real scientific evidence.

On the subject of everything being caused by global warming climate change we have A complete list of things caused by global warming where I learned that Freak weather destroys Afghan poppies and Rising carbon dioxide levels lead to higher concentrations of opiates in poppies.

In the first story, we're told that an especially cold winter caused by global warming is thought to have stopped millions of poppy seeds from germinating in Afghanistan, whereby some farmers will lose half their crop.

In the second story , we find out that the current crop of poppies is twice as potent as those grown at carbon dioxide levels seen in 1950.

If projections hold, the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide will increase morphine levels three-fold by 2050 and by 4.5 times by 2090.

If this is to be believed, we'll have fewer poppies which will be more potent than ever.
(the article goes on to say that the increased CO2 levels that make opium poppies more potent, make for lower levels of nicotine in tobacco).


As I said, everything we do causes global warming climate change and global warming climate change causes everything that happens to us.

Time for a nap.

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