Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Conspicuous By Their Absence.

I recently joined the pro-life committee at our parish; I attended my first "Life Chain" this past Oct 2nd and attended my first committee meeting last night.

I'm not going to attempt to relate everything we discussed at this meeting. However, I want to write about one particular discussion which took me completely by surprise. The idea came to me, shortly after the "Life Chain" demonstration, that as eventful as our demonstration was, it would have been truly remarkable had pro-life groups from other churches in our fair city participated as well.

I learned that my idea was not new; the pro-life committee had tried to bring other churches on board only to discover that, sadly none of the Protestant church in this area have pro-life committees/ministries nor were any interested in furthering the pro-life agenda.

It would appear that the abortion issue is too hot for these Protestants to handle.

Thinking about this, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the more liberal denominations would shy away from the subject of abortion, but it does surprise me that the more conservative denominations (Baptist - Church of God for example) aren't as actively pro-life as the Catholic church.

Of course, there's always the possibility that they're simply being anti-Catholic, but I don't think that's it. For one thing, all these churches (ours included) come together and actively support the Community Soup Kitchen. No,the truth is, the Protestant churches in our area don't "do" pro-life.

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