Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe.

Yesterday, I participated in my 2nd 3 1/2 Time-Outs-Tuesday. The idea for this Tuesday event comes from blogger LarryD.  It's his take on  7 Quick Takes Friday at ConviersionDiary.

It was Larry's 8th 3 1/2 Times-Outs-Tuesday. As you can see, it took several weeks for me to jump into the project. The thought of having to come up with 3 1/2 little posts ever Tuesday seemed a bit daunting. Now that I've started, I've encountered the truly insidious, underlying problem of the Tuesday-thingy.

I'm obligated now to post something every flippin' Wednesday as well.

Before, I could go a few days without writing a blog post and it was no biggie. I don't believe people think too much about the date of a post they're reading .... unless, like in this case, the post actually advertises the day of the week. Now, if someone checks on my blog on say, Thursday or Saturday, they'll recognise me for the slacker that I am. 3 1/2 Times-Outs-Tuesday on Sunday !?!? What a LOSER.

This is my obligatory Wednesday post.

Thanks Larry.


LarryD said...

I didn't realize the burden I was placing on people. Thanks for reminding me - I now have another credential to point to when I make the move from simply genius to Eeeeeeviiilllll Genius.

Joseph K. said...

He spins a WICKED web... doesnt he.

Oh, hi Larry. Didn't, uh.... cough, see you there.