Friday, January 10, 2014

Satanists release design for proposed Oklahoma State Capitol monument.

According to, the New York-based Satanic Temple unveiled its proposal for a monument it intends to erect next to another religious statue: a depiction of the Ten Commandments on the Oklahoma State Capitol.

"The group wants to erect the monument next to a depiction of the Ten Commandments that has been on the state grounds since 2012. Legislators opened the door to such displays when they pushed through a bill in 2009 giving permission for the Ten Commandments monument, which was paid for with private funds.
The plans show a 7-foot tall-statue of a seated Satan flanked by two children. The design includes two important Satanist symbols: the pentacle, located above Satan’s head, and the baphomet."

When or if the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission will approve the Satanists' application is anybody's guess. The panel imposed a moratorium on new displays after receiving a Hindu group’s application for a monument to the Hindu god Hanuman.

By allowing a display of the Ten Commandments, the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission has opened the flood gates for other religious groups to file similar applications. Someone should have seen this coming.

Unfortunately, there appears to be only two options available; either allow any and all religious groups to erect monuments or remove the Ten Commandments and allow none. Personally, I'd prefer the second option.

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