Monday, June 23, 2014

My Patron Saint

St. Anthony of Padua is my patron saint.

I can’t say exactly when he took an interest in me, but I suspect it was quite a long, long time ago. Since I was in my early twenties, I’ve processed an uncanny knack of finding lost items – particularly in small amounts of money finding its way to me when I needed it most. I may have had this gift for fifty years, but it wasn’t until after spending time in Sibulan, Negros Oriental, that I came to realize that St. Anthony was behind it all.

St. Anthony of Padua is also the patron saint of Sibulan.

After my wife and I decided to move to Sibulan, I’ve relied on the saint to help us reach our goal. Earlier this year, I discovered a novena to St. Anthony, as well as the St. Anthony chaplet. Things have been miraculously falling into place and I can’t help but believe there’s been a supernatural component involved.

In a relatively short period, we’ve managed to sell the house and my wife’s car; along with a place to stay until we leave and the transportation situation being taken care of. The latest blessing was the selling of the van yesterday. I had almost given up hope of being able to sell it before the time came for us to fly to Philippines.

I know that there are folks reading this who’ll say that I haven’t written anything here that will convince them that St. Anthony had anything to do with this. Be that as it may; my personal belief is that St. Anthony deserves my sincere thanks.

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