Monday, September 15, 2014

Cantaloupe Update: Number Three - The Final Episode.

The cantaloupe plants are no more.

Ten days ago, my cantaloupe seedlings were doing fine. All the seeds had sprouted and the seedlings were coming along so well that the plants on the two mounds needed to be thinned out. I removed four seedlings from each mound, leaving an equal number in place.

No sooner has I culled the plants, when half were killed by some sort of insect. My brother-in-law didn't appear the least bit interested in the plants I had for him, so I could have put those seedlings back from where they came; I want to leave this house at the end of this month, so I didn't see much point in that.

Last night, the rain wiped out the remaining cantaloupe plants. So much for my little garden plot.

As an aside, I super-cleaned my computer keyboard but that didn't solve the problem I'm having with it. Looks like I'll be replacing it later in the week.

When it rains,it pours.

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