Monday, March 23, 2015

Further Delays in the Case of the "Meditating Monk".

As reported in a blog post from February, the followers of Ashutosh Maharaj, the religious leader who had been declared clinically dead in January 2014, were scheduled to have another court hearing this past March 19 (2015) to learn whether Ashutosh's corpse  was to be cremated or allowed to continue its "meditation" in a freezer.

According to the Hindustan Times, the court has again adjourned in the matter - this time until April, 28.

Dalip Kumar Jha, who claims to be the son of Ashutosh, wants to have the body cremated. The latest court delay is in response to a number of affidavits having recently been filed which are said to back up Dalip Kumar Jha's claim.

If this case depends on whether or not Dalip Kumar Jha is indeed the son, it seems to me that this could be cleared up right away by a DNA test. Perhaps, there are details in the case which are not being reported. It looks like a pretty straight forward case to me. I guess I'm missing something.

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