Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Italian Magazine Leaks Papal Encyclical

As I write this, Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change, Laudato Sii has not yet been officially released and an embargo on it's publication remains in effect until Thursday, June 18.

Never the less, an Italian magazine, L’Espresso has posted a leaked draft of the encyclical on line.

Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi has stated that the version posted by L’Espresso is not the final version of the text. The copy is in Italian. So far, no reliable English translation has been published. Of course that hasn't stopped The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times from commenting.

It also hasn't stopped the anti-Catholic and anti-Pope folks from leaving comments on the WSJ website. Many are calling Pope Francis "a socialist and a total leftie".

From one -
"Well. . .this is one Catholic who will embrace this encyclical with the same fervor as modern Catholics have for the past 50 years when it comes to practicing artificial means of birth control.
And if this leftist claptrap gets preached in the Homily, watch the flight of American Catholic dollars from the Dioceses."

"It must be divine knowledge from god since this liberation theory catholic has joined with the left on more issues than this one. What does any of this have to do with saving souls? It certainly gives him street cred with all the other fools out there."

"The Vatican is calling the 3 day early release a 'heinous act'. As Catholics, what difference does it make whether we're humiliated by the arrogance and ignorance of this Pope now or three days from now? "

I'm reasonably certain that quite a few Catholics will loudly object to the Pope's encyclical. The majority of American Catholics have ignored infallible Church teaching on artificial birth control; they aren't going to heed this statement, which is not being delivered ex cathedra.

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