Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cop Fired for Wearing Confederate Flag Underwear.

Look, I know how kids are. Kids can be cruel; they can say ugly things and make fun of someone by mocking his or her name. And while I have no actual proof, I think it's reasonable to assume that, at some point during his childhood, some of the kids that knew the now former North Charleston police officer, Sgt. Shannon Dildine, called him Shannon Dildo. It has to's too easy.

After reading reports of Dildine's dismissal from the North Charleston Police Department for posting, on Facebook, a photo of himself wearing Confederate flag boxer shorts, I'm inclined to think that having Dildo as a nickname might not have been inappropriate.

Chief Eddie Driggers said Dildine could not have continued as an officer because any arrest of a minority could be challenged on the basis of possible racial bias.

"In light of current events, posting an inflammatory photograph in a way that permitted it to become widely distributed shows a lack of judgment that is unacceptable," Driggers said in a letter to Dildine.

Dildine has 10 days from the date of his Wednesday firing to appeal.

Although I recognize that Dildine did indeed show a lack of judgement, I hate to see anyone lose his or her job over this. Therefore, in a spirit of tolerance, I'm offering Dildine a possible defense for his actions. Dildine can swear that this photo is only part of the story. He should claim that he had gone on to, huh, "soil" his boxers, thereby showing contempt and disrespect for the Confederate flag.

Who knows? They might just buy that story.

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