Friday, July 10, 2015

Russians Unveil Heterosexual Flag.

Anybody seen holding this flag in the U.S. would probably be called a "hater".

From UPI: Russia's ruling party fights 'gay fever' with 'Heterosexual Flag'

MOSCOW, July 9 (UPI) -- The ruling party of Russia has unveiled a "heterosexual flag" designed to represent "a real family" and "traditional values" in response to same-sex marriage.

United Russia, the party of President Vladimir Putin, introduced Moscow residents to the "heterosexual flag," which depicts the silhouettes of a man, a woman and three children along with a Russian hashtag that translates to, "A Real Family."

In stark contrast to the rainbow flag used to represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender pride and rights movements, the United Russia straight flag bears only two colors, but is available in a number of different schemes .

The party said the flag's release was timed to coincide with the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, an annual Russian celebration that was marked in the country Wednesday.

Andrei Lisovenko, deputy head of the United Russia branch in Moscow, said the flag was inspired by the U.S. Supreme Court's June 26 decision to strike down the country's remaining bans on same-sex marriage.

"This is our response to same-sex marriage, to this mockery of the concept of the family. We have to warn against gay fever at home and support traditional values in our country," Lisovenko told newspaper Izvestia.

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