Friday, February 24, 2017

Christine Wildfire

I mentioned in an earlier post that reading book #5 in the list of the top ten best sellers of 1917 would be like pulling teeth. The book is Wildfire by Zane Grey. I'm not a particular fan of Westerns, but  I've slogged my way through 50% of the novel. It's as boring as I thought it would be; I've made it a goal to read all ten of the novels and I'll finish this one, come Hell or high water.

In order to make my way through Wildfire, I've begun reading #6 - Christine by Alice Cholmondeley (Elizabeth von Arnim). I've only just begun Christine but it is a pleasant change of pace. In spite of the fact that the novel is not as it was presented to be in 1917, von Arnim has become one of my favorite writers, and the character of Christine is very charming. Presented as truth in 1917, the novel is actually an anti-German propaganda piece written to encourage the Americans to enter World War I on the side of Great Britain.

As I said, I'll continue to slog my way through the Zane Grey novel, but switching over to von Armin from to to time should make it easier.

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