Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Down By the Okoy River - Part Two

Not far from where the main road going through Magatas nears our property, there is a new road being constructed which appears to run parallel to the Okoy river and perpendicular to main road in Magatas.

My neighbor and I were both curious as to where this new road might lead, so we decided to drive to Magatas this morning, park my car near our property and walk along the new road to investigate.

One question we both had concerning the new road, was whether the road would connect to another road on this side of the river, such as the road running through Camanjac - Rovira Drive -, or perhaps a bridge would be built to allow the road to continue across the Okoy. We entered the new road via the road that meets the main Magatas road near the Barangay Hall. Unfortunately, the new road is far from finished and when we reached the end, we observed that either plan could be the answer.

On our walk today, I brought an iphone to mark the latitude and longitude of the end of the walk. The final photos were taken where the new road meets the Okoy (more or less). As can be seen, the location of the river photos was given as 9°20'13"N 123°16'7"E.

In my photos, the river does not appear to be very wide - or deep. This section might be just a small detour - with the main portion winding down to the west. It's possible that the river runs wider and deeper at that point after a heavy rain.

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