Friday, August 11, 2017

State of the Climate in 2016 Report

From an article published in The Manila Bulletin:

"The Earth set a series of dire records in 2016, including hottest year in modern times, highest sea level and most heat-trapping gases ever emitted, a global climate report said Thursday.
A range of key climate and weather indicators show the planet is growing increasingly warm, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, said the annual State of the Climate Report".

The State of the Climate Report, an international, peer-reviewed publication released each summer is, according to American Meteorological Society,".....the authoritative annual summary of the global climate......"

"The report, compiled by NOAA’s Center for Weather and Climate at the National Centers for Environmental Information is based on contributions from scientists from around the world. It provides a detailed update on global climate indicators, notable weather events, and other data collected by environmental monitoring stations and instruments located on land, water, ice, and in space."

The 298 page report is available here.

I've downloaded the pdf and, of course, converted the document to mobi via I've looked at portions and intend on reading the entire report on my Kindle after I've finished reading the the 2nd novel in C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy.

As I've said, I've only read portions of the report, but it also contains information covering the climate on Mars. Looking forward to see how that gets tied into global warming.

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