Sunday, August 6, 2017

Unexpected Change in Plans

This will be my third attempt at posting this update concerning my pigs. We experienced an unexpected brown out during my first attempt and I lost all that I had written. I tried again several hours later; my computer freezing up during that attempt. I've rebooted the PC and I'll give it one more try.

To make a long story short, my 2nd sow is long overdue delivering her piglets - weeks in fact. She has lost weight and her teats have reduced in size to a non-pregnant condition. It appears that she has lost the litter. It's possible that her may have absorbed the embryos as well.

We'll double check our dates with the breeder, but it looks as if we'll be selling this sow for slaughter. We'll cut our loss and not continue to feed a sow that cannot be bred reliably.

I was looking forward to having additional piglets soon. That won't happen now. The first sow hasn't gone into heat again since she delivered six weeks ago.

Of course, my remaining male piglet will become lechon once he is large enough. The three remaining female will probably now be best utilized as breeders rather than lechon.

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