Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chasing piglets in Tubtubon

Every morning, while we were staying with my in-laws in Tubtubon, I would carry my infant son behind the house to see the farm animals. He was particularly found of visiting the piglets. Although penned up now, when we first arrived the piglets had been allowed to roam about the yard, going where they will. The photos shows J.P. chasing the piglets as they came near him.

I love the time spent with my son, but I must admit it can be taxing. An 18 month old child needs constant supervision;something which is easier to accomplish in Philippines than in U.S. Here in America,we do not have the same family support system. In Philippines, you have an endless supply of relatives to help with taking care of the children. We no longer have large families here. The so-called "baby boomers" had an unnatural fear of children......we had unlimited access to contraceptives and we aborted millions of the unborn. When I was a child, a childless couple was seen as an oddity. Almost everyone I grew up with had 2 or 3 siblings. It certainly isn't that way any more.

Children are now seen as a burden-as a cause of poverty. Americans today have sacrificed family life for a life obsessed with the love of material possessions.
It's true that the average American have material riches of which the average Filipino can only dream. But we are poorer with our lack of familial closeness.

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Humour and last laugh said...

Very correct. too much of either is not good.