Thursday, April 26, 2007

Post Patrol photos

Not far from where I live is the small town of Centre, Alabama. The town has a local paper that is primarily filled with advertisements. The Cherokee County Post, as it is known, also has a contest where readers send in photos of themselves holding a copy of the paper while they are away on vacation. I don't know the criteria used to determine the winner but, the prize for the best photo is $1000. In 2003, when I went to visit Cathy in Philippines I carried along a copy of the Post. A photo was taken of me, Cathy and several of her friends as I held the paper. When I returned home, I sent in the photo and it was printed in the Post. I sent several copies of the paper to Philippines......enough for everyone in the photograph.

That photo did not win the contest.

I wanted to give it another try. I planned to bring along a copy with us to Dumaguete, but when we got there, I discovered that we hadn't brought one with us.

I was pretty sure that Cathy's mother would have kept at least one copy of all I'd sent before. Turns out she never gave anyone else a copy.......she had all the copies.
As you can see, I brought one of the papers into town and took this photo of JP and Cathy standing across from Super Lee's on Perdices. I sent a copy of the photo, via email, to the paper yesterday.

The other copies came into good use as well. Cathy used them to wrap the bulad we packed away to bring with us to the U.S. .

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