Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Using the Internet in Dumaguete

I've been doing my best to keep the entries in this blog up-to-date, but it's not been easy. If I were at home, I'd have access to my PC and the Internet any time the urge struck to blog. Not so in Dumaguete. I don't have access to a PC at my in-law's house, so I have to go to either Sibulan or Dumaguete to an Internet cafe. Sibulan is closer to their place, but usually we have things to do in Dumaguete so going to a cafe there makes more sense for us.

Still, it's difficult. It's a short walk to the road from the house, then a tricycle to the highway. When we get to the highway, it's either another tricycle or an "easy ride" into the city.
We've got an almost endless supply of Internet cafes we can use......I could not begin to visit each one without a better source of transportation. As mentioned in an earlier post, I've used one or another of the Scooby's locations. I had a problem earlier getting to my website from Scooby's but as far as I can tell, it's no longer a problem.

Up the block from the Scooby's at Chow King is another cafe I've used but I've forgotten the name. That's just as well because, I had a hard time using Firefox there and I felt like their prices were a bit high.

I've used the Cafe Atrium ( AKA Business Atrium ) a few times. I'm there now, as a matter of fact. I like the screen resolution settings here better that those anywhere else, so far.

The Cafe Atrium is owned and operated by an American living here in Dumaguete. From what I understand, he has a number of other irons in the seems you have to do that here in order to make it.

We'll be returning home soon and I don't know how many more blog entries I'll have before we arrive home. This one could be the last one written in Dumaguete. I might be able to fit in one more.......but, who can say?

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