Monday, April 30, 2007

McDonald's in Philippines

Is there anything more typically "American" than McDonald's? The franchise seems to optimize the impression many foreigners have of us.Still,it's an odd "disconnect" for me to see a McDonald's in Dumaguete.It seems out of place to me.

Most visitors to the fast food restaurant there probably don't realise that the menu has been altered to suit the tastes and habits of the average Filipino.Of course,there's still the Big Mac and french fries, but in Dumaguete, they serve a "Burger McDo" which cannot be found in the American locations.It's about the size of the burger on the dollar menu here,but it seems to me the beef is more tender in the McDo and the sauce is different from anything we have in the U.S..

In Philippines,the menu includes a burger that has a type of rice cake for a bun rather than the traditional bread bun.I'm not sure how popular it is and while it may taste OK (or not) I didn't feel the urge to try one.

Whenever I see this photo of the Mickey D's in Dumaguete,I'm reminded of a story of someone I know and his experience with a McDonald's in Cebu.I can write about it because I know it is not likely he will ever read this blog.
He had come to Cebu on a matter concerning his Filipina wife's family and was staying alone at a resort.In spite of the fact that his wife is Filipina,he does not like Filipino food.He'd never eat bulad and although I've known him for more than three years, I don't believe I've ever seen him eat rice.

He was in Cebu for, maybe, three weeks and ate most of his meals at the McDonald's located near the resort.He didn't seem to care for much on their menu either....eating only the fillet of fish sandwich whenever he went.
After a few days,the manager of the restaurant asked him how long he was planning on staying in Cebu;the manager told him that they had never sold so many fillet of fish sandwiches and he wasn't sure how many to order from the supplier.

As for me,I'd much rather avoid the fast-food;I'll eat the rice and fish my wife's mother cooked.

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