Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brits banned for playing "naked bar" in Norway.

In a post from yesterday, (german-soldiers-too-fat-smoke-too-much) I reported that,
"German soldiers are overweight, smoke too much and do not engage in enough sports" and opined that,
"Given the history of the German army in the first half of the 20th Century, is an overweight, physically unfit German army such a bad thing?"
Today, after reading about the behavior of British commandos in Norway, I'm trying to imagine how WWII might have turned out with these soldiers.
Eight British commandos participating in "Exercise Octans" caused an international scandal after a night of drinking in Harstad, Norway
The soldiers were drinking at the Sfinx Bar in Harstad. According to reports, they began to "annoy" the female customers. Soon, they began chanting "naked bar !!!" and the fun started.
Apparently, Naked Bar is a popular drinking game among the British units.The soldiers stripped naked and began urinating on themselves, customers and furniture.
One customer, Cecilie Kleppe, 29, who took the photo above, said: "Some of them even started waving their private parts at the other guests. Two of the Englishmen urinated on a fellow soldier who was lying on the floor. It was disgusting."
Anyone thinking I am making this up can check out the articles at

It's been reported that Norway's Crown Prince Haakon, who is partaking in military exercises in northern Norway, has requested that he be treated as "one of the boys" and sleep in a tent alongside the regular soldiers.
Is the prince interested in playing "naked bar" too ?

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