Monday, August 11, 2008

McCain/Lieberman ?

In a recent article for Financial Times,[Lieberman ‘on McCain short-list’] journalist Stephanie Kirchgaessner tells us that Joe Lieberman is "being vetted as a potential running mate for" John McCain.
That particular bit of news does not surprise me. My opinion of Lieberman is pretty much the same as the one I have of McCain; both are "moderates" who are willing to do whatever it takes to advance their political careers - even to the point of selling out their own Party.
The choosing of a running mate has traditionally been a way for a Presidential candidate to pick up voters that he otherwise would not have gotten. With this in mind, Lieberman cannot help McCain in the least. Is there anyone, who would consider voting for Obama, that would reconsider and vote for McCain with Lieberman on the ticket? Not hardly.
The only new voters McCain can hope for are those who have switched to a Third party (like yours truly) or conservatives who have thrown up their hands and decided not to vote at all. Picking Lieberman isn't going to convince these folks to come back to the Republican Party. If anything, picking him will only further convince new Libertarians (like yours truly) that our abandoning the GOP was a good idea.
Libertarian, Bob Barr has my vote. However, I am willing to seriously consider voting for John McCain if he picks the right Vice Presidential running mate.
Lieberman's not the one.

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