Tuesday, August 5, 2008

T.Boone Quixote.

T.Boone Pickens sees a problem:
"America is addicted to foreign oil."
T.Boone Pickens has a Plan.
His solution relies on two components; wind power and natural gas.
The use of wind power, obviously can't be used with cars.... he advocates we use windmills to generate electricity. That may be fine and dandy but, how does that help the oil crisis? Nearly 50% of our nation's electricity is generated by coal. Petroleum only accounts for less than 2%.
His solution for the high price of gasoline is to power cars with natural gas.
He notes that natural gas is currently about $1 per gallon; how long will the price remain low when the demand increases?
We've seen the price of food sky-rocket when ethanol production using corn increased; how will home heating costs be effected when natural gas is being used to power automobiles?

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