Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When all else fails.......

The strategy of the Democrats seems to be,"when all else fails....blame Cheney".
Trying to take advantage of Cheney's unpopularity, Obama has tried to link McCain to the Vice President.
To Obama and the zombies that follow him.....
Cheney = Big Oil/Republican
Big Oil=Evil
McCain=Republican=Big Oil=Evil.

"We have to end the age of oil." Obama has said. "If we fail to act, there are severe indications for national security, our economy and our environment."
When the auto was invented, we didn't need Big Government money to promote the car. Capitalists,like Henry Ford produced a product people wanted and could afford. If people wanted hybrid cars or cars run on natural gas someone would fill that niche and make lots of money.
Obama needs and wants to connect to white working class Americans but he needs to utilize Capitalism....not Socialism.

Obama links energy troubles to unpopular Cheney

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