Saturday, November 22, 2008

S.C. county councilwoman, "Oops, my bad."

From catholic news agency,

"Charleston, Nov 21, 2008 / 02:56 am (CNA).- A South Carolina county councilwoman has apologized for remarks she made at a land management committee discussion considering whether to allow a Catholic church to expand. She had said she would oppose the expansion because she sees 'hate' in the Catholic Church, criticizing the Church’s pro-life position and its lack of female clergy, which she called 'an affront to my dignity and all of womankind.'”

The article goes on to say that councilwoman Laura Von Harten later apologized for her comments.

"Saying she was 'truly sorry' for having 'interjected' her concerns about the Catholic Church into a zoning discussion, she claimed she had 'meant only an extension of my overall opposition to development that restricts access on the basis of factors such as race, age or gender but it was an inappropriate forum.' ”

Although I haven't come across any video of her apology, there is a video of her making her original remarks at the land zone meeting.


Ted said...

You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:

Anonymous said...

What the councilwoman said was unbelievably stupid, dumb, inappropriate,etc, but so is the so callled- Birther crisis. If Obama is not considered a citizen that means that the thousands of babies born to Americans working abroad for multi national corporations like Johnson & johnson, for example .missionaries, Doctors without borders, and even children of military personel are not either. The dumb council woman and the idiotic birther movement are unrelated except that both are stupid & not worthy of anyone's time.There is no looming constitutional crisis because no court would allow such an idiotic case to go forward to a district court much less the Supreme court. So many constitutional scholarsof note on both sides of the aisle have weighed in on this issue and declared it it a complete non starter and totally laughable. Get a life, John Birchers and go back to your anti UN screeds.Oh, and bleach your bedsheets, they are getting dirty.

Robert said...

@ anonymous,
since Ted left his comment in 2008, it's unlikely he will read what you wrote.