Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun with GIMP.

The first time across a photo of President-elect Barack Obama at a press conference, standing behind a podium with the "Office of the President Elect" sign on it, I nearly laughed my @$$ off.
Our President-elect, Barack Obama, is one big doofus. How lame can you get? An "Office of the President Elect" sign ?!?! Is this guy still in High School, or what?
I couldn't resist finding a copy of the photo today and having a bit of fun with GIMP.
Take a look at Joe Biden's face........that's a snicker, if ever I saw one. I'm sure he thinks President-elect Barack Obama is a big joke too.


Theresa Bates said...

Just think you have over 4 years of fun!

LarryD said...

Being an ex-junior Senator, does he qualify as a Big Doofus? I would think he only rates as a Doofus. IMHO.

Dominique said...

This one had me laughing.

Yeah, when I saw the "President-Elect" sign on his podium, I was thinking about the label fetish.

Dominique said...

Great work with the GIMP, by the way.

Robert said...

I have to give partial credit to the GIMPed photo to my sister. I changed the sign on the podium, put in the drop shadow around the photo and came up with "what a marooon!!!" but it was Theresa who put the thought bubble on the photo for me.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

LOL! funny!