Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Separated at Birth?

Over the past few days, I've written posts on Russian president Dimitry Medvedev and his announcement that he will deploy Iskander-M missiles in the Kaliningrad region bordering Poland. This is an important issue and we need to know how Obama will react to the Russians when he takes office in January.
I've been surfing the Internet daily trying to keep up-to-date on this situation and I've read accounts on Russian web sites and I've located an official web site for Kaliningrad.

On a less serious note, take a look at the photo above........at first glance, you might suppose that the two halves are of the same person.
The man on the left is Georgy Boos, the governor of Kaliningrad.
The man on the right is Jersey City Councilman Steven Lipski. After an night of too much booze,Lipski urinated on a crowd of revelers from a second story balcony of a nightclub in Washington D.C..
Lipski was just doing what politicians have always done to the electorate. Boos and Medvedev will have their turn with Obama soon enough.

Councilman vows to quit alcohol after public urination bust
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