Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dockyard Obama meets the On-Line Language Translator.

I am fascinated by language. I love the sight and sound of words....even words in languages I can't understand.

Being a typical American, I am fluent in English only. My wife, on the other hand, like so many from Philippines, speaks three languages; English,Bisaya and Tagalog.

I've spent time in the Visayas; I have a Cebuano dictionary and I've taken a few lessons. I'm hardly fluent in the language, but when my wife and her friends are talking, I can understand a little bit of what they're least enough to embarrass them if they happen to say something "off color".

Sad to say, I am utterly lost whenever they speak Tagalog. Sure, I know a few Tagalog words and can even sing the chorus to Jumbo Hotdog by "The Maskulados" but, that's about it.

Translating from one language to another is probably as much "art" as it is "science". I've looked around the Internet for English translations of Jumbo Hotdog and the results have been mixed.

Yesterday, I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs. While reading The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen, I noticed a link to a site that offered Tagalog translations. Out of curiosity, I pasted a copy of yesterday's post [My Email to Msgr. Martin T. Laughlin.] and translated it into Tagalog. Then, I pasted the Tagalog back onto the translator and received an English translation.
The resulting English translation was very different from the original. As a matter of fact, the words may have been in English, but the meaning was completely lost in the translation.
I did the same experiment with a number of other languages. The English "translations" are hilarious.

I've pasted the original below (for those too lazy to click the link) as well as the resulting translations. I've put the foreign language translations at the bottom for those who can speak those particular languages.

I suppose some of you may be wondering about the title of this post. Translated from Tagalog back into English, the name Barack Obama became Dockyard Obama. I know several people who speak Tagalog and none have ever said that "barrack" means "dockyard"; but who am I to argue with the translation?

Anyone interested in playing the same game can go to these web sites:

The original in English:
By now, most are aware of the story of the Greenville, South Carolina priest who told his parishioners that any who voted for pro-abortion candidate, Barack Obama, needs to be reconciled to God through penance before receiving Holy Communion and of that priest being, consequently,thrown under the bus by his superiors.

Msgr. Martin Laughlin,Diocese of Charleston Administrator issued a statement that contradicts Rev. Jay Scott Newman and Msgr. Laughlin has forbidden Fr. Newman from giving interviews on the subject.

Brian Mershon has posted a copy of a memorandum from Laughlin, dated October 16,2008, telling his priests not to rock the proverbial IRS tax exemption boat.
After reading the memorandum, I sent an email to Msgr. Laughlin ( and I've pasted a copy of the email below :

from Tagalog into English:

by now , most are furnish of the story of the Greenville , south Carolina priest who tent its parishioners thatch whoever who vote for pro abortive candidate Dockyard Obama , need toward possible reconcile toward god through punishment before receive holy communion and of thatch priest being consequently,thrown under the bus by its ruler. Msgr. martyr Laughlin,Diocese of Charleston manager issue a statement thatch gainsay Rev. Jay Scott Newman and Msgr. laugh have forbid Fr. Newman toward giving interview toward the subject. Brian Mershon have posterior a copy of a memorandum toward laugh , date october 16,2008, say its priest not toward swing the proverb IRS tax exempt boat. after reading the memorandum , me sentence an email toward Msgr. laugh ( and I've paste a copy of the email below :

from German into English:

by now , highly are conscious of the story of the Greenville , south Caroline priest who sat being parishioners that any you like who voted when pro abortion candidate hut Obama , need to being propitiated to god through atonement before reception Holy Communion and over that priest life consequently,thrown under the bus by being superiors. Msgr. martini Laughlin,Diocese over Charles manager issued one minutes that contradicts run. gannets scotch Newman and Msgr. pools has forbidden Fr. Newman as of giving interviews on the subject. briar Mershon has posted one copy a memorandum as of pools , dated Oct. 16,2008, telling being priest not to cradles the proverbial IRS tax liberation boat. behind reading the memorandum , self sent one email to Msgr. pools ( and I've adhered one copy of the email envy :

from Portuguese into English:

As we speak , most are aware of the anecdote from the Greenville , South Carolina priest that said from it parishioners than it is to any that balloted about to pro abortion would-be Barack Obama , needs to be reconcile about to God right through penance before receiving Divine Communicate AND he might give priest being consequently,thrown under the bus By from it better. Msgr. Martinez Laughlin,Diocese as of Carlos Administrator issued um affirmation than it is to contradict Rev. Jay Scott Newman AND Msgr. Grin does have forbidden fruit. Newman as of administering appointments on the subject of. Brian Mershon does have post a copy by one memo as of Grin , dated October 16,2008, by saying from it priests not to rock the proverb IRS tax exemption barge. After reading the one memo , I emailed about to Msgr. Grin ( AND I've he glues a copy from the Email line above :

from Latin into English:

Now , the most are privy to fable of Greenville , Midday Carolina priest quidnam told his parishioners when any quidnam church province for for miscarriage openly Barack Obama , to ask to be to pacify when God very penance for to raise up Holy To hand over and of that priest occurrence consequently,thrown up to, under bus very his superior. Msgr. Martial Laughlin,Diocese of Charleston Giving of help a growing up a the publishing of a book when disprove Rev. Jay Scott Newman and Msgr. To laugh at these forbidden Fr. Newman out of giving interviews upon subject. Briar Mershon these posterity a to form of a memorandum out of To laugh at , acorn October 16,2008, to say his priests not when hard stone proverbial IRS a fine to set free ship. Accordingly selection memorandum , I sent or email when Msgr. To laugh at ( and I've pastry a to form of email below :

The original translated into Tagalog:

nina ngayon , ang lalong nakararami ay pagkalooban ng ang kuwento ng ang Greenville , timog Carolina pari sino told kanya parishioners atipan ng pawid sino man sino ihalal dahil sa pro - nabigo kandidato Barack Obama , mangilangan sa maaari papagkasunduin sa diyos lagos parusa nang una tumanggap banal komunyon at ng atipan ng pawid pari ay sinusulat consequently,thrown pang ilalim ang bus nina kanya puno. Msgr. martir Laughlin,Diocese ng Charleston tagapangasiwa maglathala a pahayag atipan ng pawid salungatin Rev. Jay Scott Newman at Msgr. tumawa may pagbawalan Fr. Newman sa giving kapanayamin sa ang alagad. Brian Mershon may pigi a kopyahin ng a memorandum sa tumawa , petsahan oktubre 16,2008, sabihin kanya pari hindi sa iugoy ang kasabihan IRS patawan ng buwis huwag nang pakunin boat. matapos pagbasa ang memorandum , ako hatulan isa email sa Msgr. tumawa ( at I've magdikit a kopyahin ng ang email sa ibaba :

the original translated into German:

Beim nun jetzt , höchst bist bewußt des Geschichte des Greenville , Süden Caroline Priester wer gesessen sein Pfarrerskinder jene beliebig wer stimmte ab als Pro - Abtreibung Kandidat Barack Obama , Bedarf zu sein versöhnte zu Gott hindurch Buße bevor Empfang Abendmahl und über jene Priester dasein consequently,thrown unter die Autobus beim sein Vorgesetzten. Msgr. Martini Laughlin,Diocese über Carl Verwalter ausgegeben ein Protokoll jene widerspricht Laufen. Tölpel Schottisch Newman und Msgr. Lachen hat verboten Fr. Newman ab gebend Befragungen an die unterziehen. Dornstrauch Mershon hat hing auf ein abschreiben einer Memorandum ab Lachen , datiert Oktober 16,2008, erzählend sein Pfarrer nicht zu wiegen die sprichwörtlich IRS Steuer Befreiung Boot. Hinter Lesung die Memorandum , ICH sandtet ein Epost zu Msgr. Lachen ( und I've klebte ein abschreiben des Epost beneiden :

the original translated into Portuguese:

Neste momento , a maioria estão cientes de a anedota do Greenville , Carolina do sul padre o qual dizido dele parishioners que qualquer o qual votado para pró - aborto candidato Barack Obama , necessita de ser reconciliar para Deus através de penitência antes de receber Divino Comunicar e desse padre sendo consequently,thrown sob o autocarro por dele superior. Msgr. Martinez Laughlin,Diocese de Carlos Administrador emitido um afirmação que contradizer Rev. Gaio Scott Newman e Msgr. Sorrir tem fruto proibido. Newman de dando entrevistas sobre. Brian Mershon tem mala postal uma cópia de um memorando de Sorrir , datado Outubro 16,2008, dizendo dele padres não baloiçar o provérbio IRS isenção de imposto barco. Depois de ler o memorando , Eu enviava um correio eletrónico para Msgr. Sorrir ( e I've cola uma cópia do correio eletrónico abaixo :

the original translated into Latin:

Iam , plurimus es conscius fabula of Greenville , Meridianus Carolina priest quisnam told suus parishioners ut ullus quisnam suffragium pro pro abortion candide Barack Obama , postulo futurus pacifico ut Deus per penitentia pro suscipio Sanctus Defero quod illius priest res consequently,thrown sub bus per suus excellens. Msgr. Bellicus Laughlin,Diocese of Charleston Administrator proventus a editio ut redarguo Rev. Pica Scott Newman quod Msgr. Rideo risi risum has inconcessus Fr. Newman ex giving interviews in thema. Vepres Mershon has posteri a effingo of a memorandum ex Rideo risi risum , balanus October 16,2008, dico suus priests non ut silicis proverbial IRS miseratio libero navis. Secundum lectio memorandum , EGO sent an email ut Msgr. Rideo risi risum ( quod I've crustulum a effingo of email subter supter :


Dominique said...

Hey, Bob, looks like you made good on your promise. I thought the best translation was from the Portuguese, but that's just me.

You're getting really good with The GIMP!

Robert said...

Yeah......the Portuguese "AND Msgr. Grin does have forbidden fruit."
The GIMP....well, I wish I could take credit for that. I sent two photos to my sister (she's a professional graphic designer) and asked her to Photoshop it for me. Putting Dockyard's head on the body was too difficult for me.

Chelsea_Carlisle888 said...

Hehehehe i am a 13 year old Filipina who (as you said) are 1 of those people who can speak Bisaya, Tagalog, English AND Ilonggo(I'm learning French and Spanish too), i am currently watching Barack Obama's Inauguration and was wondering how many languages he is fluent with and i stumbled upon ur blog! The translation was very funny! I couldn't understand a single sentence=) I think i can translate Jumbo Hotdog for you!(why don't you ask your wife or children^_^?)

Chelsea_Carlisle888 said...

Hehehehe i am a 13 year old Filipina who (as you said) are 1 of those people who can speak Bisaya, Tagalog, English AND Ilonggo(I'm learning French and Spanish too), i am currently watching Barack Obama's Inauguration and was wondering how many languages he is fluent with and i stumbled upon ur blog! The translation was very funny! I couldn't understand a single sentence=) I think i can translate Jumbo Hotdog for you!(why don't you ask your wife or children^_^?)