Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still Smokin'.

This isn't the first time I've written about Barack Obama's cigarette habit.When I wrote Mr. Goody Two Shoes Smokes Cigarettes in June, the subject was all the rage on the Internet.
There hasn't been very much said about it recently....until today. In today's Washington Post, liberal columnist Michael Kinsley tells us [Let the Guy Smoke] that we should just turn our heads (and cough?) as Obama puffs away.
In spite of all the bad cigarettes do, we should, according to Kinsley, cut the big O some slack. Sure, it's a vile, disgusting habit, but the new President will be under a great deal of stress.....we don't want him, I don't know, dropping a bomb somewhere because he was having a nicotine fit. Kinsley tells us that, "Obama's steely calm is now one of our country's major assets."
Can it really be called "steely calm" if it can be broken by nicotine withdrawal?
Obama had promised his wife -and us- that he was giving up the smokes. Of that, Kinsley goes on,
"And if he hasn't? Well, if he is straight with us about it, we should forgive him. So he's not a superman. Neither are we."
I'm sorry, but I have zero respect for anyone who smokes cigarettes. Yes, it's hard as hell to quit them, but it is possible. He's a big boy now. A bit of physical discomfort won't kill him.
This whole cigarette story just proves to me what I've felt about Obama all along. He's a phony. He isn't what he claims to be. He's just smoke and mirrors.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Smokey the Chimney, smokebama...he's not quitting anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I had an interesting idea today, what if there was an international rule stating that before you could remark on any given subject you had to experience in full the subject you are remarking on. Wow, now that would be a much more empathetic world.

Robert said...

Golly gee, Anonymous. Just what makes you think I don't have experience in this subject?
Your idea is not all that interesting, by the way.