Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Palin Helps Chambliss Win Georgia.

Here in Georgia, we sent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss back to Washington. Chambliss had been in a run off with Democrat Jim Martin and the Republicans needed to win here to prevent the Democrats from getting a filibuster proof Senate.
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin came to Georgia to give her support. It looks as if the reports of Palin's political demise are premature. Conservatives still love her and having her campaign for Chambliss was a big help.
It speaks volumes that The One did not come down here to help Martin. True, he did a few radio ads, but, you'd think that the President-Elect would come here in person.
Obviously, the Obama camp knew that his coming to Georgia would not help Martin win. Had he campaigned for Martin it would have been seen as a lost for Obama and he didn't want to risk that.

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