Monday, December 1, 2008


The article at says that they "could possibly be the most reckless, punk-rock group of bad-asses making music today."
The group is an underground - all female band in Saudi Arabia, called The Accolade.
Besides that article, they've been written about in the New York Times and There's no need for me to go into great detail about the articles as I'm sure anyone can figure out what the articles have to say about the band, without actually reading the articles.
You brave the young women are to be playing the "devil's music" in a country living under the thumb of religious fundamentalists. All of that's true, of course. Female rock musicians would hardly be welcome in a country that sends rape victims to jail.
The group has recorded a single that is available on their myspace page. what standard do we use to evaluate this particular single? If looked at as "a recording made by female rock musicians in Saudi Arabia" then, of course, I'd say the recording is pretty amazing. If looked at as another rock song performed by just another band trying to make a name for themselves, then I'd have to give them a "C".........just average. The song is passable, but that's about it.
Needless to say, anyone can hear the song and judge for themselves by following the link. I'm sure a lot of folks will tell me that I should cut the girls some slack....after all, look at what they risk by playing this music.
Yes, I know; all of that is true, but, from a musical standpoint, the song doesn't deserve the accolades it's received.

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