Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Face the Truth: Public Education Initiative Videos.

Reading a post yesterday from the blog Is Anybody There? [Then There Is This Attack on Free Speech in Maryland ] I learned of a pro-life group called Defend Life Inc that is suing a number of Maryland State government agencies following the arrest of 18 pro-life demonstrators last year.
As part of the group's so-called Face the Truth Tour, demonstrators stand on the side of the road holding posters showing graphic images of abortions.
On Defend Life's website I found a link to 2 videos [Face the Truth: Public Education Initiative] made during one of their anti-abortion protests.
These videos do not show the arrest of the protesters. The videos will, obviously, show the posters that the Maryland State Patrol did not want shown on the Maryland highways.
The videos are not easy to watch, but I think it is important that they be seen.

Part One

Part Two

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