Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Clueless Kennedy Speaks Up.

In an article for Newsweek, former lieutenant governor of Maryland and oldest child of Robert F. Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend claims that Barack Insane Hussein Obama represents American Catholics better than Pope Benedict XVI.

Sadly, she may be right. Quite a number of American Catholics Catholics in Name Only may agree with Obama on many issues, however, Ms. Kennedy Townsend doesn't seem to know that the Pope represents the true teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

She writes;
".....Obama (the community organizer from Chicago) could teach the pope a lot about politics...."
What she fails to realize is that Pope Benedict's role is not the same as the role of a politician. He is obliged to speak the truth.....he is not obliged to agree with the wayward Catholics who have no idea of what it really means to be Catholic.

She claims;
"Pope Benedict, having lived in the safety and security of the Vatican for much of his professional life, is part of this culture that silences dissent."

It is the responsibility of the Vicar of Christ to guide the faithful in understanding Christ's teaching.
Ms. Kennedy Townsend completely misses the point.

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