Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The "Pro-Choice" Position is Cowardly and Intellectually Dishonest.

It's been reported that during his visit with Pope Benedict XVI recently, President Obama told the Pontiff that he was committed to reducing the number of abortions.

Many would question Obama's sincerity when he says that; however, for the sake of argument, I'll concede that the President was speaking the truth and he does want to reduce the number of abortions. My question to the President would be...."Why?".

Being pro-life, I understand why someone like myself would want to reduce the number of abortions performed. I know that each fetus is a unique individual - an innocent human being, deserving of the same rights as any other person. We are all created in God's image and it is a sin beyond description to take the life a defenseless, pre-born child.

But why would Obama want to reduce abortions? He,obviously, does not view human life with the same sacredness as those of us with pro-life views. How can he say that abortion is a matter of "choice" if he sees abortion as a tragedy and as something that needs to be done less often?

There is simply no logic in the, so-called "pro-choice" position. I've talked to "pro-choice" women who will argue,
" I could not have an abortion myself, but I can't tell another woman that she can't have one".
If an abortion is a choice that can be left up to an individual (with no restrictions), then how can a "pro-choice" woman say "I could not have an abortion myself...."?

The truth is, the "pro-choice" position is cowardly and intellectually dishonest. Anyone taking the "pro-choice" position is afraid to admit that "right and wrong" are not relative. There are absolute truths and anyone who wants to avoid the issue, by leaving the decision in the hands of the mother, is afraid to face this fact.

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