Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Atheist Reacts to Nurses' Lawsuit Victory.

Like other pro-life advocates, I took the news that New Jersey Nurses Don’t Have to Assist in Abortions in a positive way. Nurses who object to abortion on religious grounds should not be forced or coerced into assisting in any part of the abortion procedure.

Some in the, so-called, "pro-choice" community weren't so pleased with the results of the court decision. Many commenting on the story as reported in the Washington Post spewed forth so much hatred toward the nurses that it's obvious that the issue is not simply about "choice".

One such commenter, calling herself galerouth19521 was especially vitriolic. She referred to the fetus as "a parasite because the classification of the biological relationship that is based on the behavior of one organism (the fetus) and how it relates to the woman's body". Her rationale for calling the pre-born child a parasite is because the fetus obtains it's nourishment from the "host" without providing any benefit. She goes on to say,"so i will kill any unwanted, parasitic life-form that needs my body to live---including your precious fetus...period, get over it."

According to galerouth19521, she should be allowed to kill a fetus because "pregnancy causes women harm". She linked to a website which gave a list of these "harmful effects". One such effect is the "curtailment of ability to participate in some sports and activities".

OK, let me get this straight; a woman can kill her unborn child if being pregnant interferes with the woman's ability to play in certain sports.

Not surprisingly, a later comment by galerouth19521 revealed her to be an atheist. So much for the idea that Atheists Aren't Assholes. She tells us that "the judeo-christian god is a myth and historical evidence proves it". Her proof ? A Youtube video, 3.3.3 Atheism: A History of God (Part 1) .

I suspect that galerouth19521 was an atheist before she ever came across this video "evidence". I watched the video and saw nothing in it that disproves the existence of God. (I even took a look at part 2 of the video and I find it hard to take seriously the arguments of an atheist who doesn't know how to pronounce the word "pantheism").

A Google search lead to more comments by the same person at Huffington Post.

A further search lead to a post by Gale Routh - "Is the human fetus a parasite?" . As I write this, the votes for the fetus NOT being a parasite hold a slim lead. I'd ask anyone reading this post to follow the link cast a vote.

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