Monday, January 25, 2010

Atheists Set Up 'Religion-Free' Fund for Haiti.

World famous atheist, Richard Dawkins believes that, when in comes to caring for their fellow human beings, non-believers have been given a bad rap. For Dawkins, you don't need God to be good.

"Spurred by the horrific suffering in Haiti, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDFRS) has joined forces with 15 other freethought groups or associates, to collect donations to non-religious relief organizations."
The organization founded by these groups is called Atheists Aren't Assholes.

OK. I made up the name. It's really Non-Believers Giving Aid.

You see, Dawkins and other "freethinkers" would like to help the suffering masses but, heaven forbid, they should donate money to any organization affiliated with a religion.

According to an article from, Dawkins argues that moral action is rooted in biological evolution.

"On Dawkins's schema, one is kind to his neighbor because he's been preprogrammed by his genes to do so (at least some individuals have been so preprogrammed; others perhaps not), and he's been so programmed because acting this way confers evolutionary advantage," Meister summarizes. "It's not that it is a universally binding moral value to be kind. We simply call it 'morally good' because our genes have, through eons of evolutionary struggle, gotten us to believe that it is so."

Many atheists believe that the theories of evolution and the Big Bang show us to be the product of a random collection of molecules with no Creative Intelligence behind it all. If we are all merely a collection of chemicals, then it would follow that humans are no more valuable than any other collection of chemicals. An individual would be no more valuable than a whale or a worm or a water molecule.

Atheists may think they can be good without God, but if you take their atheism to its logical conclusion, there is absolutely no reason to treat your fellow human any differently than you would an insect.

Also from the christianpost article;

"No one is arguing that atheists cannot utter ethical statements or live good, moral lives. Of course they can," Meister writes in God is Great. "Believing that something is right or wrong and justifying one's belief that something is right or wrong are two very different matters."

Atheists cannot justify their belief that any particular action is right or wrong using their own belief system and logic.

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LarryD said...

Just wait until the atheists do a Goodle Search for "Atheist Haiti Relief" and they pull up your blog! :-)

Seriously, though - it is true that early Church fathers had some good things to say about "virtuous pagans", the fact remains that they still are in need of Christ. They can ascribe all they want "good actions" to some form of unprovable biological genetic construct, but the truth is, is that all Goodness is inspired by God, whether they want to admit it or not.