Saturday, July 19, 2014

And The Work Begins

Two days ago, we were finally able to begin the electrical work we've planned for the house. It's a major renovation. Because the house is built of concrete, holes had to be cut into the walls for the wiring, switches, plug ins and panel.

W e put my wife's youngest brother to work. We rented a grinder with an attachment allowing him to cut away the concrete. Cathy and I had things to do in Dumaguete, so we left her brother to complete his work.

When we returned home, we found that he had nearly completed the job, but everything in the house was completely covered in concrete dust. It was an absolute mess. Fortunately, my wife's sisters and a brother-in-law were there to help. My son's grandfather took all the kids to his place so at least they were all out of the way while we set to work.

Yesterday, after the electrician gave us a material list, Cathy and I went to a n electrical supply store in Dumaguete to purchase everything on the list. It was quite a list; electrical panel, a wide assortment of boxes, switches, wiring and conduit. The material cost us a bit over PHP 8000 - a little less than $200. I don't know exactly what the same items would have cost us in the U.S., but I'm pretty sure $200 would not have come close to paying for it all.

The electrician began work yesterday afternoon. The first part of the project involves cementing the boxes in place. That completed, I imagine the cement will need to harden some what before the electrician can go further.

For his part, the electrician will charge us PHP 5000. That includes the cost of his helper.

Once this job is completed, we start our window project.

So much to do.

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