Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Pudding

There was a heavy rain falling yesterday; it rained for nearly the entire day, in fact. There was no way I'd be getting out in it, so I was was stuck in the house all day. Most of my day was spent, playing solitaire and watching Bob Hope movies on Youtube.

When today arrived without the heavy rains, I knew I had to get out and go somewhere. After getting cleaned up, I headed out towards Dumaguete. My only plan was to eventually make my way to Super Lee's to buy a few items from their grocery department. The easy ride would not go by Lee's so, I'd get as close as I could and walk around the city, getting a bit more familiar with the streets.

There was a tricycle making its way into the city and I was able to get a ride without paying more than 10 pesos. I was not the only passenger; I told the driver where I wanted to go, but he let me know that he'd be going only as far as Cang's. That would be close enough, I figured.

When we arrived at Cang's, I was expecting the driver to stop, but when he didn't, I thought I'd just see how close we'd get. I had planned on walking part of the way, so this was all OK with me.

When the tricycle got to the High School, I told the driver I'd get out. I knew I wasn't near Super Lee's, but my plan was to become more familiar with the city and so, off I went.

I wasn't 100% sure how to get where I wanted to go. I walked in the general direction until I recognized the name of a business to the left. Turning there, I arrived at Silliman University; I wasn't lost.

I was going to kill time in Lee's. No need to be in a hurry. After window shopping a bit, I thought I'd go to the top floor to the food court. None of the food looked at all appetizing. No, I'd just go back downstairs, then across the street to McDonald's.

I don't know why, but there are two McDonald's on Perdices St., just a very short walk between the two. There are a few items on the Mickey D's menu that you won't find in an American franchise. But, there's always the Big Mac, fries and Coke. The combo is surprisingly cheap and tastes exactly like the #1 combo meal found anywhere else. I don't know why I thought that it might taste differently.

After eating lunch, I strolled around the block, going in a circle and arriving at Scooby's Internet cafe. You can always depend on the AC in a good Internet cafe.

It was check my email, my Facebook, then out the door, back to the grocery.

There are two dishes I've been craving since our arrival in Philippines - French toast, and home made, Southern style, nanner puddin' (Yankee translation: banana pudding).

I have always loved good, old fashioned banana pudding, but sadly, after I left home as a young man, I was unable to find a woman of my generation who would cook it. Cooking banana pudding, or biscuits or nearly anything else was considered traditional "women's work" and the women of my generation were Liberated and wouldn't stoop to doing such lowly work.

 I learned at a young age, that if I wanted certain foods, I'd better learn to fix them myself, and banana pudding was one of those dishes. My banana pudding is about as traditional as you can get; no instant Jello pudding - it has to be home made custard. No Kool Whip - it has to be topped with meringue.

I knew cooking the pudding my way would not be easy in Dumaguete. I could not find Vanilla wafers, and I had to find a substitute cookie. Not having an oven, I wouldn't be able to cook the meringue. I was going to grit my teeth and look for Kool Whip.

No luck.

I was, however, able to find regular whipping cream at Super Lee's. A small container would be enough for my recipe.

I purchased the milk I needed for the pudding along with extra milk and bread for tomorrow's French toast.

Having to substitute the whipped cream for the meringue turned out to be a blessing. It turned out to be the best  banana pudding - it was almost like having a soft ice cream topping.

I suppose, if I were an honest to goodness, professional blogger, I'd include a recipe, along with some nice photos. I think I'll pass.

You'll just have to use your imagination.

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