Sunday, July 13, 2014

God's Glory Bible.....Sacrilegious and Heretical

During its 500 years of existence, Protestantism has had more than its fair share of sacrilegious, heretical and downright boneheaded ideas, but one would be hard-pressed to find anything Protestantism has produced that is more sacrilegious, heretical and boneheaded than the God’s Glory™ Bible .

The publisher's website describes the book this way :

Heirloom King James Version Holy Bible bound inside stars and stripes.

The front cover of God’s Glory™ Bible has 13 stars – 1 gold star representing Jesus and 12 white stars for the disciples. These stars also represent the 13 original colonies of the United States of America. The FIRST EDITION of God’s Glory™ Bible comes in a flag-red presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. God’s Glory™ Bible is a beautiful gift for every Patriotic American and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The so-called, God’s Glory™ Bible is wrong on so many levels that it's difficult for me to know where to begin.

Obviously, the King James version is problematic. This translation was produced by and for the Church of England. The church that produced the King James is now the home of numerous non-Christian beliefs- actively homosexual clergy-same sex marriage- to name just two. No good can come from leaving out books from the Bible.

My biggest problem with this book, however, is its connecting Christianity with American patriotism. Authentic Christianity is greater than love of any country. Pope Benedict was once quoted as saying that he was a Catholic first and a German second. For me, the truth of Catholicism comes before America. Does my saying that hurt your feelings? Get over it.

Linking Christianity with the United States was bad enough back in the day when America pretended to value some of what Christianity teaches. Today, with America's over the top love of materialism and consumerism, as well as the country's endorsement of abortion and same sex marriage, putting a flag on any translation of the Bible is enough to turn one's stomach.

Thank God, they didn't desecrate a Catholic Bible this way.

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