Friday, July 11, 2014

Destruction is Transformation, I Suppose.

For three nights in a row, I've found myself awake at some time between midnight and 3 AM PHT. So, for the third night in a row, I found myself listening to portions of the Rush Limbaugh program.

In spite of what I may have written in an earlier post, I can't get away from American politics and all that's going on back in the States. If the reports I've read of the border situation and Obama's non-reaction are true, then it's finally gotten to the point where the rule of law is absolutely meaningless in the once great republic. Obama once proclaimed that he wanted to transform America. Well, I suppose destruction is transformational.

In 2008, when Obama first burst upon the scene, there were warnings. We knew from very early on that Obama was not only pro abortion but would not even suffer those infants which had survived a botched abortion to live. Obama is and always has been more than willing to sacrifice human beings -both born and preborn- to achieve his goals.

Anyone who is willing to kill innocent, unborn children is capable of anything and cannot be trusted. What is a lie compared to taking a life?

Am I wasting my time posting this? Will I convince any of Obama's supporters that they've made a horrible mistake putting him in office?

I suspect I am, indeed, wasting my time.

America is the product of heretical and rebellious Protestant thought. The "I, me, mine" point of view of Protestantism has infected everything in the United States, including, I'm sad to say, the Catholic Church.

The evil permeating the United States is the direct result of the Protestant philosophy that the individual is the final authority of what is right and wrong. It's a small step from Henry VIII's belief that the Catholic Church is wrong about divorce to the belief that the Church is wrong about same-sex "marriage".

The situation in America will only get worse. The Russian revolution was mild in comparison to what we can expect to occur in the United States during my life time. And I've got less time ahead of me than I do behind me.

Will my family be safe half way across the world? Perhaps safer than they would be had we stayed, but they will not be unaffected. The collapse of the U.S. will affect the whole world.

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