Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mary Noailles Murfree's, "His Unquiet Ghost".

As I first mentioned in a post from August 2014, I managed to destroy my Kindle on the flight from the United States to Philippines. Before downloading a couple of apps for my Android, I had to borrow my son's Kindle to read e books. I rarely use his Kindle now, as I'm able to use either the Kindle app or, more likely, the FBReader.

Unfortunately, the battery life on my Android isn't nearly as long as I'd like it to be. Because of the differences in voltage levels between electrical devices made for Philippines versus outside Philippines, I don't charge my Android directly into a wall socket here. My wife does that with her phone - it's probably OK - but I continue to charge mine with a voltage adapter. The point of that, I may not have anything to read while my phone is charging.  It's not within easy reach. That's when I may borrow my son's Kindle.

Yesterday, while on the Kindle, I came across an e book which I don't remember downloading - His Unquiet Ghost  by Mary Noailles Murfree - aka Charles Egbert Craddock.

The e book was downloaded from Project Gutenberg, although I don't remember when I did that or why I thought Ms Murfree might be an interesting read. I've read half the e book - it's not a complete waste of time, but I doubt I'll download any more of her books; I'm not a big fan of "moonshiners vs. revenuers" literature.

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