Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trump - Benito Mussolini with (Bad) Hair.

Saturday, when I praised National Review for pointing out the obvious, - that Donald Trump is not a Conservative - I remarked that "If there's any politician who reminds me of Benito Mussolini, it's Donald Trump".

Now that Mr. Trump has made it clear that he will not be a part of the latest Republican debate should Fox News' Megyn Kelly remain a debate moderator, I need to revise my statement.

Donald Trump is, most definitely, Benito Mussolini with bad hair.

Trump's appeal is short on substance and long on personality. Like Mussolini, a lavish cult of personality has centered on Trump.
Obama's critics have correctly pointed out that the President's speeches revolve more on himself than the issue he is supposedly discussing. With apologies to Bachman–Turner Overdrive, should Trump replace Obama as POTUS, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Sadly, it would be exactly like the American public to exchange one narcissistic sociopath for another.

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