Friday, January 8, 2016

The New Routine

In an earlier post from December, I mentioned that I would be changing up my exercise routine. My plan was to start the new routine this coming Monday, alternating chest, shoulder and triceps with back and biceps for a four day split routine.

Rather than wait until Monday, I decided to do the switch today - working the trapezius muscles, the latissimi dorsi , the lower back, as well as the biceps.

Monday's routine will be the chest, shoulder and triceps muscles.

I've been aware for a long time that this is a common combination of the muscle groups but it never occurred to me that the exercises for the back/bicep workout involved "pulling" exercises while the chest,shoulder, triceps workout were "pushing" exercises. I knew this on some level, but it never entered my consciousness until I read a few articles on line yesterday.

I have to tell the truth. After a 50 minute pulling work out this morning, I felt like I had my ass kicked. I'm home now - I finished the work out around 7:45. I feel great now, but an hour ago, I knew I had pushed (or rather, pulled) myself to the limit.

Tomorrow, will still be a walking day with a rest on Sunday. With Monday, I'll begin the "pull" exercises, saving the "push" for Tuesday, resting of Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be a repeat of Monday and Tuesday.

Not sure how long I'll maintain this routine. I'll eventually go back to the 3 day a week full body workout, but it will probably be in a couple of months.

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