Thursday, February 2, 2017

Peppa's Latest Adventure

Yesterday afternoon, while making our rounds to the property in Magatas, I noticed that the smaller of our two pigs - the one we call Peppa - was displaying signs of being in heat. This afternoon, when we returned, my wife's papa told us that he had bred Peppa this morning. We should know in about three weeks if the breeding was successful.

When we first bought the animals as piglets, I asked my wife's papa about the breeding and he told me that, when ready, the pigs would be artificial inseminated by someone from Silliman University. However, I was told a few weeks ago that he would have someone bring a boar over to do the job when the time came. I have no clue why the method changed - sometimes, it's difficult communicating through a third party.

I've discovered a Swine Production and Management Home Study Course online from Penn State. It would probably be well worth my time studying the information available on the website.

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