Thursday, February 16, 2017

VW Beetle # 21

It was noted on a local Dumaguete oriented Facebook page, that one of the bridges crossing the Banica River would be temporarily closed for repairs and traffic headed south towards Robinson's Mall would be re-routed. Traffic in Dumaguete is an hair raising adventure at the best of times, and this bridge repair work would guarantee that these would not be the best of times.

I needed to take my wife to work this afternoon to an office not far from Robinson's Mall. That put me slap dab in the middle of a number of  bumfuzzles. One positive outcome, however was the fact that one particular traffic headache put me in a spot where I might not have been otherwise and I was able to take a photo of another Volkswagen Beetle roaming about Dumaguete. This particular one is painted a sort of indigo. In many ways, it looks like some of the blue VWs previously photographed, but even with the similar coloring, the white wheels prove it to be unique among my photos.

Although this post is my 13th VW in Dumaguete posting, it is my 21st VW Beetle due to several being photographed and/or posted together.

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