Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wild Fire

I've finished reading book #4 in the list of top ten best sellers of 1917 - The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter.

Porter was a very successful writer of children's literature - she is most famous for her novel Pollyanna.  The Road to Understanding was written with more adult readers in mind, though in many ways the plot is a bit too far-fetched for modern readers. I have no complaint with Porter's skill as a writer, the novel held my interest in spite of it's unrealistic (by today's standards) premise.

Next on the top ten list is Wildfire by Zane Grey. I'm not really interested in Westerns;  reading this one may be like pulling teeth, but I'll do my best to finish this one and get on with #6 on the list.

As an aside, this post contains a little Zane Grey joke. If you catch it and respond, you'll win a gift - however, all responses must be in by 2:30.

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