Monday, April 17, 2017

Toy Truck Inc. and Google Maps.

Toy Truck Inc. is the rather unusual name of a truck dealership on the National Highway in Brgy. Maslog, Sibulan.

A few months ago, I attempted to add its location to Google Maps. Adding a missing location onto Google Maps can be hit or miss. Sometimes my edits are published immediately, sometimes it takes a bit longer, and there are some additions that get rejected without any explanation. When I attempted to add Toy Truck Inc., I was actually surprised that it was published then and there and I was able to add a photo immediately.

Unfortunately, seconds after my edit was published, I noticed that I had made a typo and had given the location the name of Tot Trucks Inc. - easy enough, the "T" and "Y" are next to each other on the keyboard. I tried to edit the location and get the proper name of the dealership. Google Maps would not approve of the edit. As a matter a fact, I've tried quite a few times over the past few months to correct the error, but Google Maps was not having it.

I decided this morning that my post for today would be the tale of my frustration at trying to get this name right. I would attempt the correction once more today before writing the post. Lo, and behold - the edit was accepted!

I've taken a screen shot of the edits page showing where the name was approved as well as an earlier rejection. I also took a screen-shot showing the correct name on the Google Maps link. There's the possibility that the correction might be rejected again. The screen-shots will back me up, whatever happens.

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