Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gustav Zappa?

Growing up,I was exposed to an incredibly wide variety of musical genre.There was always music playing and the sounds from the radio or record player could range from Country to Big Band to Modern Jazz to Rock.

My own musical library today continues this eclectic tradition. The main difference now, is that I've a style of music in my collection that my father did not listen to while I was a kid....namely Classical.

So,now, not only do I have Sinatra and Nat King Cole in my CD collection but Mozart, Bach and even Frank Zappa.

Not having grown up on orchestral music I still have much to learn about it. The first time I listened to Gustav Holst's "The Planets" I vaguely recognized part of it. But, it took awhile before I identified where I'd heard it before. Frank Zappa had "borrowed" a portion of the work...but, at first I couldn't recall which of his pieces contained it. Now I know. It's included in his "Call any Vegetable". I listened to it today and I think he may have put it somewhere else as well.

It make take a bit before I find it......I can't listen to Zappa or Holst while my wife is home. Her tastes in music aren't as varied as mine.

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