Friday, February 16, 2007

Statue sheds blood in Sri Lanka

It's been reported ( that in Jaffna,Sri Lanka a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes has been seen weeping tears of blood.The statue was originally in a private residence but has since been removed to a local church.
Not having witnessed this particular event, I'm not able to address the authenticity of this.But, I can speak to the idea of bleeding / weeping statues in general.
The non believers' arguments against bleeding or weeping statues follow one general line of thought......there are no supernatural forces so it must be fraudulent. They say it's impossible for a statue to bleed so it is impossible for a statue to bleed.
This idea isn't a logical assumption. We do not know, beyond all doubt, what is or isn't possible.Our understanding of science shows that the depths of our learning hasn't reached it's limit. Very real objects ( such as PCs or TVS to mention only two) were once unimaginable. We can't say that what we might deem possible two hundred from now isn't seen as impossible to us today.That's not to say that a particular statue is weeping,but there can be forces at work that we currently do not understand or appreciate.
Most of the skeptics arguments alleging fraud simply show how a hoax could have been perpetrated.They never show that a particular weeping statue is a hoax.Showing that "X" happened a certain way does not prove that situation "Y" happened the same way.
The-so called-skeptics' attitude towards the supernatural shows a closed-mindedness they claim the believers of having.
I can't say for certain that this or that statue is actually bleeding but I see no reason to believe that God isn't capable of producing such an event.

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Olga said...

My first instinct is to believe but knowing how many times the faithful have been burned by hoaxers, it is very difficult nowadays.

But there are those who would still believe without question. I dont know, maybe it's because humans as we are, our faith cant stand alone, we keep seeking for that tangible proof that God really does exist.

all we really need to do is to look around us .. there's all the proof we need ... and i still keep saying that even to myself ,,,