Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sweet Revenge

None of us can escape pain.No matter how charmed our lives are, we will experience heartache and disappointment.We will be betrayed by a friend or lover.Even the most enlightened of us will feel the need,at some point,to exact some form of revenge on the one who has wronged us.I've never been one prone to actual physical violence of any sort.On those rare occasions when I felt a need to avenge myself, I would use the pen rather the sword.In the past,when song writing was my forte,I would seek my revenge by including the miscreant in a song lyric or two.Now that I no longer write music,I must look for other avenues when the need arises.Perhaps now that I am writing more, the guilty party can expect to see his or her self transformed into a Manananggal or some other odd and bizarre creature like Gregor Samsa in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis . They could be the prisoner convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in a short story or novel.
Ahhhh,sweet revenge.


Humour and last laugh said...

yes. very true.

Olga said...

hey, remember my favorite American? the one i refer to in my mind as As...le? he should look great as that rider from hell, the hell rider or ghost rider, whatever, movie?