Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who's Afraid of Tinky Winky?

Before my son was born, I never gave much thought to the Teletubbies .He's almost a year and a half now and it's his favorite T.V. show.When I'm home from work,he'll watch it just before his lunch and afternoon nap.

Two years ago,I would not have been able to name one but today I know they're TinkyWinky, Dipsy, Lala and Po.There are days when the theme song enters my head and will not leave.I've watched the show with my son and find it to be harmless fun, though not everyone agrees with that assessment.

I have a friend who has a four year old daughter and he won't allow her to watch the program.He says it is because there isn't any "learning" involved.I honestly think he may have other reasons for his ban.The show is designed for very young infants and toddlers who aren't capable of understanding the arithmetic and spelling on shows like Sesame Street.Sometimes singing and laughing can be enough.

I think his real objection may go back to an early controversy regarding the show.Years ago, Reverend Jerry Falwell, a former spokesman for America's Moral Majority denounced the show as Gay Propaganda.He claimed that the character known as Tinky Winky was a subtle reference
to homosexuality.He said it's purple color was the color of Gay Pride and the triangle on it's head was a Gay symbol as well. Although my friend is Catholic and should know better than to listen to Jerry Falwell, I'm afraid that he has fallen under his influence.

As if to add to the Gay idea behind the Teletubbies, blogger Ian Casocot put a video on his blog showing the characters in rather bizarre episode.

However,I was able to find a photo which may prove the Teletubbies are not gay.....after all, it would be OK for Tinky Winky to carry a handbag if she were a woman.


jipzeecab said...

Most of us don't give a hoot about the orientation or politics of the teletubbies however you might be surprised to learn this:
It has been known by learning psychologists for over 50 years that 85 % of the predispositions of a human being with regard to one's intellect and personality are formed in the first 18 months of life!
Children are learning and discerning from anything they pay attention to no matter what your friend may think..

RTS said...

Hi Jip,Don't think I said anything about the political leanings of the for the comments on their "orientation"; those were meant to be tongue in cheek.

Olga said...

My daughter used to watch teletubbies too. We both agreed that Po was the most adorable and best dancer among the four.

I have always wondered why tinky winky carried a bag... being obviously a male character, not that it matters ...

we both enjoyed that show while she was very young and we can sing their theme song until now.

i am towards disregarding whatever subtleties may be present ... i appreciate it purely for its entertainment value ...