Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bleeding paintings of Christ

In an earlier entry, Statue-sheds-blood-in-Sri-Lanka I wrote of a statue of the Virgin Mary that was reportedly shedding tears and blood.It's now being reported that in Port Blair, India two paintings of Christ located in a policeman's home are "bleeding".One of the paintings is reported to have been moved to an Anglican bishop's house for save keeping.According to a story in Asianews the Catholic bishop,Aleixo Dias, was not impressed; saying:
“I heard about the story, but I have not seen the painting and I do not plan on doing so. In the past there have been similar incidents and so I urge caution in order to avoid fueling false religious sentiments. Now if you will excuse me, I must attend the Confirmation of some young children, something which to me is much more important than this painting.”
For my part, I find it very unusual for a Protestant to be reporting miracles of this sort.I can't think of any similar incident involving non-Catholic Christians. As with the Bleeding Virgin statue, I will withhold judgement on the validity of the alledged appearance.

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